This project is currently a work in progess. It is being tested in an early alpha stage with the server cluster we run DominionArk. We are hoping to make it available to some server admins willing to test shortly.

The plan is to make it complete set of tools for ark server admins as well as their players. 
Once it is more of a fished product, the current plan is that it will be a service available for a small fee. 
Some features may be available for free (lite version)
Below is a wishlist of included features.

Features Server Status / Control (some of these features will be dependant on server host and it's capabilities / software) - Stop, Start, Restart Server - Saving, Backups, Restore - Server offline / hung watchdog service: will automatically monitor and reboot the server when needed [Coded for Windows servers running our client software, testing. more OS and support for people not running their own server to come] - Monitor status, log players joined/left - automatic backups - automatic reboots - automatic updates - settings management - Rcon Admin Tools - Track historical location data of players - chat logs - ban / whitelist management - view historical list of player/tribe items,dinos ect - Admin command log (can make this available to players too) - Annoucement system. Will make announcements on website, ingame, discordbot - Create custom website as option for servers that dont have their own. place to post rules, info, accouncements Tribe features - view extended tribe logs Player features - Dino location - View dino base stats - View historical dino data. See stats of dead dinos, ect - breeding imprint reminders??????? Web Alarm - ingame notifications to email,sms,discord - player died - dino died - more than x structures destroyed - turrets expended more than x bullets????? - tripwire alarm notification ARKBot - ingame bot that responds to chat commands - vote day/night - custom commands (EX: !website would reply with "Visit our website!", !rules, !discord, ect) - vote restart server (with limits)
Changelog Added Basic steam OpenID support for login system.
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